Scientopia: A Creation Myth

Aug 02 2010 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma], History of Scientopia

Welcome to WhizBANG!, my new home at Scientopia! Here I will post my thoughts on anything shiny that distracts me. Being a nephrologist, those things often involve kidneys or urine. Of course, other aspects of academic life, science, and the world catch my attention from time to time as well.

I also blog about fashion or lack thereof. Scientific meetings provide all sorts of wardrobe mishaps, from thigh-high lace-up boots in the airport (aka how to get murdered in the security line) to backpacks with suit jackets (just, no).

Scientopia, like all communities, has its myths and legends. I like to imagine that we are the survivors of a virtual airplane crash on a strange island. After weeks of clinging to each other, we are exploring the world around us and reaching out to "others." Yup, we want the world to converse, argue, and laugh with us. We hope we can bring some of the world of science to a broader audience.

Scientopia launches with a broad representation of scientific disciplines and a large number of blogs on deck for the next roll-out. If you can't find something of interest here, then check out our blogrolls - we're a friendly group who will spread link-love well beyond the bounds of our own network.

So, welcome.  I have put together a little video illustrating the creation of our network. I hope you enjoy it.

Catch my Goodbye to Golden Thoughts here.

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