Growing Pains

Aug 05 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

Blogger's Log:  Day 4 of Scientopia-

Things are proceeding smoothly, with a few relatively minor glitches. Having another WordPress Blog, I knew many of the little tricks that have startled my colleagues.

And now, the software strikes back! Just in time to make me feel silly and vaguely incompetent.

Scientopia fights back!

For no apparent reason I can identify, WordPress decided a completely appropriate comment on one of my blogs was spam. I went on-line, read it, and clicked the "not spam" box. A few hours later it still did not show up in the discussion.

Seems once a comment gets tagged for spam, even if the blogger says it is not spam, it still gets held "for moderation." Even though I have "no moderation" selected in my settings.

I hope the comment has now shown up.

Compared to other glitches, this is a piece of cake, but annoying nonetheless.

Now, I have to go edit a grant application that my grad student is putting together.

I should let you know that if you want me to address any particular nephrology issue, you can just drop me an email at

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  • physioprof says:

    Yeah, if you click "Not Spam", then you have to go to the "Pending Comments" dealio, and click "Approve". It's fucken stupid, but it works that way on the WordPress install they use on also. I'm sure they have some fucken supposed reason for this fucken behavior, but it is fucken wack.

  • whizbang says:

    I did figure out a way to work in the kitty with a light saber, though.

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