Shark Week Spin-Offs: Let's Get Creative Now!

Aug 06 2010 Published by under Wackaloonacy - I'd love to see a crossover show with Jersey Shore and Shark Week

Earlier this week, I tweeted that I had just found out it was International Clown Week, and I proposed a combined show in conjunction with Shark Week.

Then I got to thinking about introducing BP executives to oily sharks in another spin-off.

Now someecards ("When you care enough to hit send") has generated the beauty above.

What other shows have the potential for a shark week special? 19 Kids & Counting comes to mind... And it's also on a Discovery Channel outlet...But I bet the astute readers here, killing time until they can ditch work on a Friday, can do even better than these!

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  • Glfadkt says:

    I'm all for the Jersey Shore/Shark Week crossover if we can be assured that the end result will be that the sharks win (and the Jersey Shore characters are no more...)

  • kdcosta says:

    I'm going to say that it's time for us to sacrifice Adam Richman to shark week - we've totally prepped him by supporting Man vs Food. He'd be a tasty treat!

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