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Aug 10 2010 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

What's up with this?

If you have any interest in kidneys and kidney disease, you need to be reading the Renal Fellow Network Blog. I link to it in my blogroll in the right-hand column (aren't you paying attention?).

These fellows (fellow, in this case, not being a gender-specific term) find interesting tidbits, trends, and other factoids to blog from the world of nephrology. The August 5 post featured the abdominal film shown, with lots and lots of stuff in the gut- stuff denser than the patient's bones. What on earth could it be? Click on over and see!

I also blogged today at my PG-rated blog about a pediatric disorder with a kidney component that can be mistaken for a fatal disease. What could it be? Sorry- you have to click through to see.

Another nephro-blogger posted this week about a web-based blood pressure tracker and posts a video demonstration. Blood Pressure Chart will also send you email reminders for Bp monitoring, and you can send all your data to your health care provider easily. You can also link the charts to your facebook and twitter accounts; I'm guessing this is more than my followers want to know. But, perhaps, social media can provide some peer pressure and support to get folks to adhere to their medical treatments.

So click the links and enjoy some random kidney updates. Because urine is golden!

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