Will There Be Cotton Candy?

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Colorful Big Top Tent - Unnecessary

My blogging efforts stretch back a couple of years now, so you might think I understand this online world. For the most part, I do, but I still get surprised by things I should know.

For example: blog carnivals. I figured I better do some research before agreeing to host one, and I present my information here in handy-dandy FAQ form.

What is a blog carnival?

Blog carnivals collect a series of posts on a central theme or topic. A host blogger writes about the posts and provides links to them from the blogger's site. Posts can be written specifically for the carnival, or they may be previous posts that fit with the topic at hand. Carnivals are frequently compared to magazines.

Where can I find carnivals?

Google "blog carnival" and a number of sites that list them will magically appear. I will provide a link to one general directory. You can also locate carnivals of interest as blogs you follow host them.

Will there be a tent?

Sometimes an image of a tent or other festive items is placed in a carnival post; however, a tent is not necessary for this type of carnival.

Do any Scientopia bloggers host, organize, or participate in blog carnivals?

Glad you asked! Seems GrrlScientist organizes Scientia Pro Publica. More information about submitting to this carnival can be found here.


Yours truly will be hosting another carnival next spring (more to follow as the deadline approaches).

Will there be cotton candy?

Only if you bring your laptop or smartphone to an actual midway.

So can you show me an example?

Click here to view the 2 Aug 2010 issue of Scientia Pro Publica.

So why would you agree to host a carnival? It sounds like work!

Another good question! First of all, I will get to read a lot of cool posts that I might have otherwise missed. The internet is a huge place, and no one has time to sort through it all to find everything of value.

Second, I know one date in the future that already has a handy topic for my post. Maybe not a no-brainer-assignment, but certainly minimal chance for keyboard-block on this one!

I really wish there would be cotton candy, or at least some gummi bears.

OK, just for you, I will right now supply treats. You have to watch out for those gummis, though...

Just click this!

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