My Morning In Boston

Aug 20 2010 Published by under [Etc], [Information&Communication]

So I have dutifully silenced my BlackBerry during my out-of-town meeting this morning, when the screen lights up for a missed call and a text message. Both came from the nurse-manager of the center where my husband works:

Building has been evacuated - we are triaging in cafeteria.


After a series of text messages, two things became clear:

  1. The nurse-manager, who is also a personal friend, had our cell phone numbers reversed in her directory
  2. My husband was not trapped in a burning building or other disaster situation.

Seems our place of employment had a liquid oxygen leak and evacuated two adjacent clinical facilities. No harm, no foul- just a nice stress test for me.

I am researching a scientific post while awaiting my flight home; it will probably go up here on Monday morning. Over the weekend you may get to enjoy some wackaloonacy, perhaps another look at what keeps me sane during prolonged airport waits.

ADDENDUM: If you want something with a bit of science flavor now, go to and click over to my other blog, Stream of Thought. It links to a cool new nephrology career feature that the American Society of Nephrology just launched.

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