A New Business Deduction?

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I have two blogs. Stream of Thought, over on pascalelane.net, is a WordPress.com blog. One of the features on that site, an automatic link generator, places possibly related posts after your update. Today I found this for a piece on nephrology careers:

Gems starting with J?

The upper Q&A post fits; that National Kidney Foundation blog answers patient questions. The bottom link sounded less like something I would endorse. Turns out several gemstones starting with J can help kidneys:

Jade: Can be used in the treatment of disorders of the hips, heart, kidney and spleen.

Jasper: Can be used in the treatment of tissue deterioration of the internal organs and for disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach- the energy form the gemstone is more appropriate for deterioration. It can be used to treat the loss of smell. It has been reported to soothe the nerves.

It can also help with the balancing of the mineral content with the regulation of the supplies of iron, sulfur, zinc and manganese within the body.

It can be quite helpful in times of long stays in hospital and when your energy is low.

This jade dude would scare off kidney disease

There are nine more specific types of jasper with various healing properties. Arizona Lizard Stone jasper may have diuretic properties. I am sort of disappointed that I have no reason to prescribe Bat Cave jasper, a form reported to improve night vision.

Bat Cave Jasper

I found no instructions on the use of these stones. Could wearing semiprecious stones be therapeutic? This activity generally helps my mood, although not as much as shoes.

Perhaps if I wear the stones I will be granted special healing powers. Of the gems on today's link, I'm glad jade helps the kidney. And that it comes in a whole array of colors. I wonder if I can deduct this necklace as a business expense?

More attractive than the stethoscope

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