An App For That!

Aug 29 2010 Published by under [Etc], Fashion (or not)

Fantasy shoe shopping leagues?

This week I downloaded a sweet little app to my iPod Touch. Today's Shoe features a new selection from the Bergdorf Goodman shoe boutique 7 days a week. Yes, even on weekends (cannot attest to holidays yet)!

So far, the selections I have seen run about $2,000 per pair. You can purchase via the app, or even browse other available shoes. These beauties (meaning the shoes in general; I do not dream of gladiator sandals such as seen in the app screen shot) are out of my league, but they will remain in my dreams. This app will inspire me as I stroll the aisles at DSW and other venues in my price range.

The app is free; the shoes are not. Still great fun for those of us addicted to the well-shod foot.

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