Final Flings

Aug 31 2010 Published by under [Etc], Fashion (or not)

$20 Worth of Summer Happiness

A few months ago, I found a pair of fuchsia beaded silk sandals on the sale rack at DSW. For just over $20, I came home with a pair of comfortable wedges that spent the summer with me. I wore them all over the Orlando Convention Center area. They took me through airports. They graced my feet at least twice a week.

Today, I took stock of my BFFs (Best Footwear Friends). The soles are beginning to loosen; can I fix them? Then I noticed that the silk has worn through on the sole in the toe area, a wound that cannot heal.

In short, these shoes have served with honor and will soon receive a decent burial.

After all, Labor Day is almost upon us. This Saturday the college football season kicks off. When I stroll out for the paper, the driveway feels cool under bare feet in the morning, unable to hold the prior day's heat overnight. Autumn marches toward us with closed toes and suede and darker colors.

But for the coming week, I will wear my hot pink summer shoes and enjoy my happy feet.

One Final Fling on my Feet

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