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Oct 10 2010 Published by under Donors Choose

Loyal readers may have noticed something new in the right-hand column: the Donors Choose widget.

This wonderful program allows teachers to request donations for classroom programs. They get posted online and donors get to choose the projects they wish to fund.

Last year I paid for a nutritional education project. The letters I got back from 4th graders were wonderful!

As further incentive, we have a contest going. Those of us who blog about science want to see whose readers can pony up the most to support science and math education in high poverty areas.The contest runs from October 10 - November 9. What are you waiting for? Start clicking!

What, you want more incentive than doing good things for kids? OK, a lucky winner chose from among the first five winners will get a gift certificate to the WhizBANG! swag shop. With this you can purchase a travel mug. My spouse loves his (OK, so he has to) , and it really is high quality. Or you can get the WhizBANG! thong; I swear I will never tell.

So donate already.

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  • Beth says:

    As an elementary science teacher, I say, "Thanks!" We need more people like you promoting Donor's Choose as a great way for people to make an impact in their local schools.

    Thanks again!

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