Feminism, Travel, and Shoes

Oct 13 2010 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Next week I get to spend a few days with some of the most amazing women in the US, having a conversation about advancing to equality over the next decade. Vision2020 aims to finish the work of the suffragists and achieve gender equity by the centennial of the 19th amendment in 2020. You can read their blog via the link in my right column.

Of course, I now have to pack for this gathering. All events will be business casual, and I have two days of air travel. Kitten heels are in order.

I inspected my black low-heels last night, and they have a major chunk out of one patent heel. I saw these at Target last week, and they may provide a reasonable replacement:

Veralis $24.99

Black suede, walkable heel, feminine detail. Yes, these might make the cut.

I see a trip to Target on my way home today.

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