Social Media Savvy: A Good Example

Oct 18 2010 Published by under Feminist Musings

Last month I asked an organization what hashtag they were using for an event.  Even though the exchange took place via email, I could almost hear the crickets chirping while I awaited a reply.

Now those are hashtags!

Vision 2020, a decade-long national project focused on advancing gender equality, begins this week.  Someone in the organization knows their stuff; this list of hashtags came out via twitter last week:

Why so many hashtags? Two are general (V2020 and Vision2020), while the others relate to specific topics of discussion during the project, as noted on the facebook page:

#V2020AC (Arts & Culture)
#V2020BLF (Business, Law & Finance)
#V2020CM (Communications & Media)
#V2020Ed (Education)
#V2020H (Health)
#V2020PG (Politics & Government)
#V2020PFV (Philanthropy, Faith & Volunteerism)
#V2020STE (Science, Technology & Engineering)

I am privileged to be a delegate to this event, and I can't wait to meet all of the amazing American women. I will be tweeting as well, using at least one of the general hashtags with each post.

If you are interested in gender equality, follow along with social media. Vision2020 tweets as @EqualityInSight, and they have a facebook page with frequent updates. Go "like" it now!

If nothing else, Vision 2020 appears to be a fine example of the use of social media.

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