An Open Letter to United Airlines

Oct 19 2010 Published by under Travel

Dear United,

I have been a loyal customer with Premier status on your airline since 1999. I belong to the Red Carpet Club because it provides clean restrooms and a quiet spot to read, even though I only travel 8 to 10 trips each year. It only takes one single 9-hour day in O'Hare to convince people of the value of a comfortable chair. I especially love Economy Plus. Even though I am not tall, I have a bad knee. That extra 5" of leg room lets me stretch my leg

Not quite, but getting there

out when needed.

Don't get me wrong; I love those frequent first-class upgrades as well. But knowing I will always get that little bit of extra leg room is important. It's a big part of what keeps me loyal to your airline.

Back in May I made reservations to Philadelphia via a corporate travel service for tomorrow, October 20. The stretch from Chicago to Philadelphia has been listed as United 1450 on numerous correspondence and in my online reservations on your website. No notes about "operated by" were included. I figured I was flying United 1450.

I was wrong.

Today I went online to check in and found out that I am not on United 1450, but on US Airways 758. So I will not have those extra 5" to stretch my knee out tomorrow.

I try to be loyal to your airline and book United flights. When you book me on US Air, I lose my leg room, and I wonder why I bothered with that loyalty.

If I wanted that herd of cattle experience, I would have booked on Southwest.

Don't worry, I have already made my Premier status this year. I have already booked two subsequent trips with your airline.

I'm just wondering whose flights I will really be on. And how sore my knee will be when I land.



PS: Any way to get your partners to install Economy Plus?

Knee image courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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  • In case you haven't seen this, another unhappy customer speaks up (or rather sings) about United:

  • OK, for some reason, it seems the YouTube vid didn't embed. Here's the link.

    • Pascale says:

      Part of the problem is that I am generally satisfied with United. It's when they switch me to US Air that things suck. And this flight wasn't clearly US Air until I checked in today!
      Now I have to be in Philadelphia by a certain time, so I'm pretty much stuck with the US Air flight. It just needs to be clearer up front. I suspect part of the problem may have been that the travel service we had to use didn't include the info, but it should have been in big red letters somewhere on the United reservations site.

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