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Oct 20 2010 Published by under Feminist Musings, Travel

Eppley Airfield (from Wikipedia Commons)

Today I travel, so once again I am blogging from Eppley Airfield in Omaha. I dragged my ample butt out of bed at 4 am so I could be in Philadelphia for the kick-off of Vision2020 tonight. A couple of days ago  I blogged about how social media savvy this group appeared; they have now added information on other platforms through which you can follow the action in the eastern time zone here.

I will also be blogging and tweeting from the event. While they have selected delegates to travel to the conference and plan projects to further gender equality, this extravaganza is for all women, not just those on site. You have ample opportunity (via social media) to put in your own thoughts. I have not yet settled on my project, which could fall into healthcare or STEM categories. Perhaps I will figure out a way to make it fit with both, like my career!

In the meantime, consider signing up to help a classroom or two via my Donors Choose page (link in right column). Your contribution, no matter how small, will build with others to provide critical educational opportunities. Who knows - a kid in the classroom may be the next Marie Curie!

I have to fly to Philadelphia and get all feminist for a few days. Stay tuned!

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