It's Next Year Now

Nov 02 2010 Published by under Sports

Last night the Giants won their first World Series in San Francisco. The baseball season officially ended for 2010, and next year (as in wait till next year) begins today.

Recently E! published its list of the top ten baseball movies of all time (sorry, I can no longer find the link online). The list itself is obvious, but I disagree with the order:

  1. The Natural: The 1994 Robert Redford vehicle keeps on going, and an enhanced version was released in the last year. There is a bit more "woo" and magic than necessary, but overall I can't argue with putting it on top.
  2. Field of Dreams: I suppose this must be on the list, although there is a strong gender split on this one. While watching Kevin Kostner in his prime was always delightful, I find that most women find this 1989 flick a bit whacky. The Iowa farmer plows under a field because he's hearing voices, and the wife doesn't have him committed? Really? Seriously? But guys, especially the baseball dudes in my immediate family, just love this one. Sigh.
  3. Pride of the Yankees: Pass the tissues, please. Anyone who doesn't cry by the end of this 1942 classic is bionic.
  4. Major League: How did this get up to number 4? It's a fun romp with a bunch of eye-candy guys, but compared to those below it... Well, I have to move it down a few slots.
  5. Eight Men Out: I have not seen this one all the way through, but the last half of it is excellent. Unfortunately, it's a downer, and not in the inspiring way that #3 and #7 bring tears to your eyes.
  6. A League of Their Own: Our cat had to have a baseball inspired name. When we picked out a girl kitten, my husband and son agreed that only one woman in "baseball" would do - Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) from this 1992 flick. I would move this one up the list, simply because of the way it portrays the joy and empowerment of the game.
  7. Bang the Drum Slowly: Brian's Song for baseball. Not my favorite.
  8. The Sandlot: Move this one waaaaay up the list. A bunch of pre-teen boys playing baseball and getting in trouble with a Babe Ruth autographed baseball, a burly guy, and a junkyard dog. This movie captures the magic of baseball for boys and their buddies. It helped me understand why my husband is so devoted to a game that seems mostly like applied beer drinking to me.
  9. The Bad News Bears: Misfit kids with a dysfunctional misfit coach- who helps the other the most? Your guess is as good as mine. Good movie from 1976 (you can skip the 2005 remake), but not one I have felt compelled to buy (see #1, #6, #8, and #10).
  10. Bull Durham: My favorite! OK, so it deals as much with sex as with sports, but still. As the mom yelling "Breathe through your eyelids" while my son pitched, I owe a lot to this 1988 movie.

For the next 3 months we can devote ourselves to football full-time. Maybe in February I can grab a copy of Eight Men Out and finally see the whole movie... While we dream of spring.

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