What's It All About?

Nov 09 2010 Published by under [Etc]

I wear many hats at work and off the job site. At the AAMC Annual Meeting for the past four days, I have gotten the most questions about my social media work. The single most common question?

What is your blog about?

WhizBANG! features thoughts on anything that catches my attention. Sometimes it is science or medicine. Sometimes it I s politics or feminism. Sometimes it is fashion or lack thereof. 

Sometimes it is my own self-indulgent musings. 

Today Rita Charon discussed the science of narrative  she. Said that first, writing is about exploration. Think of this blog as the journal of my journey. 

I am delighted by the number of faculty who truly wish to understand social media, even though they fear it is useless. By this time next year, some of them may read this blog. I don't expect many to be on Twitter. But maybe someone will surprise me. 

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  • whizbang says:

    I apologize for some of the weird errors in this post. I'm working on my new iPad, and I haven't figured out how to do all this stuff with its virtual keyboard. Tomorrow I will be back at my desk.

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