'Tis the Season

Nov 15 2010 Published by under Fashion (or not)

So much to do! Tomorrow I travel to Denver for Renal Week 2010. Yes, it's finally here, that week of all things urine. I think I am ready, but there are always those last minute details, just like any holiday!

Then there is Thanksgiving (be sure to be thankful for urine), followed by Christmas, New Year's Day, and ScienceOnline. Lots of festivities ahead of us.

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Good times mean preparation; preparation means...shopping!

Now, I know all of you are busy. All those neuroscientists are off at their own meeting right now (I'm sure it's nice, but it just won't be RenalWeek). The American Heart Association assembles the population of a small town within the Chicago convention center this week.

We all need to figure out ways to buy those special holiday outfits, and gifts for friends and family, when we are really, really busy. And you don't want to buy just anything; it needs to be unique, something no one else will give those special someones.

I, therefore, consider it a PUBLIC SERVICE to point out the links in my right-hand column to swag. Who wouldn't want to find a WhizBANG! thong in their stocking or a waterbottle wrapped under the tree (hydration is very important)? A portion of the purchase price will go to support kidney research, so you can feel good about buying it.

Like a whole bunch of the bloggers here? Then click the other link to Scientopia stuff. Show your loved ones the way to these blogs with a url on a coffee mug or a hoodie. What could be cooler than Scientopia?

And finally, don't forget to stock up for yourself. Branded blogware  will be tres chic at ScienceOnline!

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