Review: Meeting Etiquette

Nov 17 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

So we are gathering in Denver to celebrate, debate, and discuss all things kidney, but some of my colleagues have forgotten the basic rules of meetings. As a public service, I present them now.

1. Turn off you cell phone or other device(s) with the potential to make noise.

2. Never take a call in a room where presentations are in progress.

3. If they ask you not to take photos, don't. Even if you believe all information wants to be free, I don't need to hear your camera or see it's flash.

4. When leaving the venue, remove the name badge. The general public schlepping about Denver does not need to know your name. The badge also marks you as a tourist and a target. So does that ASN briefcase.

5. Turn off your damn phone (because we can't say this enough).

Have a good RenalWeek, and get out of the Convention Center. Life is too short, and Denver is nice.


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