Post Op!

Dec 08 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

So things went a bit differently than I thought.

At my pre-op exam yesterday, I found out that I would receive general anesthesia since both legs were going "under the knife."

So I reported at 0730 for paperwork and processing. In addition to the usual pre-op folks, the vascular surgery assistant mapped my veins. While I stood, she traced the paths down both legs with indelible marker. I'm sure this will be a hot new tattoo trend now.

Then an IV, a slug of Versed, and oblivion...

About 3 hours later I opened my eyes in recovery. Swathed from the arches to groin in ace wraps, I felt no pain. The sensations were something between a tickle and an itch. After lunch, I napped a couple of hours, then had the barbecue my parents brought over.

Now I'm watching the last episode of Glee between now and Superbowl Sunday.

More tomorrow on my farewell to varicose veins!

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