Human Again

Dec 10 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

This morning I unwrapped my legs. Each one had 4 large Ace wraps, yards of strip gauze, a green surgical towel, and uncountable 4x4s. The mummy wrappings completely filled a small garbage bag. The cat would have enjoyed playing with them, but stuff soak d with my blood will not be strewn about the house.

Then I showered. Warm water helped take some of the Betadine off, and some of the markings got smeared about. Of course, a lot of "smearing" is actually bruising. I then put on my regular sweatpants over compression garments. The extra baggy sweats can be retired...unless I really pig out over the holidays.

I just had an ultrasound of my saphenofemoral venous junction to make sure no clot had formed in the deep venous system. All the stick wounds are filling in as they should. I cannot take a rub bath or shave mylegs for a few weeks, but I am clear for air travel in January.

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