So Here Are the Rules...Again

Dec 11 2010 Published by under Professionalism

This morning Dr. Isis pointed me to an interesting post about the need for self-promotion in academia. (Link:

I'm sure we all know an Accolade Magnet or two, and I wish the world were completely fair. The bottom line is that no one will notice your awesomeness if you fail to make it visible. It's true for academia, business, and every other field of endeavor.

It also provides an example oh How-Not-To-Blog. Even a careful pseudonymous blogger will eventually be out-ed. That's why many of us follow the same rules of blogging, even though some of us mask our identities while others, like me, make our identity public.

The bottom line: never post anything you wouldn't want publicly quoted and attributed.

GMP may feel safe behind her screen name. Shen recognizes the importance of politics in the success of AM. But AM, with all of those awards, also wields power. Would she want AM to know what she has said?

My original rules of blogging post was way back in 2009 at my old place:

Those rules still stand. Unless you really want to piss off someone who the powers-that-be in your field repeatedly honor. Someone whose nether regions emit sunlight.

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  • FrauTech says:

    I don't know, I think you're being a little hard on GMP. If she can't vent about those sorts of things on a blog, what's the point. I suppose somebody could track her down and figure out who AM is, but it wasn't like she was being unnecessarily mean or saying things she couldn't say if pressed. I mean, she was having a phone conversation with a colleague about this person, talking to someone else in your own department is a lot more risky than blogging about it.

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