Twelve Months of Me 2010

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Last week when the other Scientopians addressed this meme, I was at home, indisposed, with blogging equipment not conducive to a post with a bunch of links.

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Today seems like a good time for my year in review, both from my original blog (Golden Thoughts) and the present one (WhizBANG!). Yes, all my blog titles are thinly veiled urine jokes. I'm a nephrologist, what do you expect?

Format is as follows:

Month) Title: First sentence

Comments as I review the post today.

So here it is, a whole year of my random thoughts:

Jan) Sad Times: This morning The Scientist sent out its top 5 articles of 2009, according to the number of page views. The list appears below:

Most of the top 5 featured scientists behaving badly.

Feb) Poken Fun: Faithful readers know that my daughter is majoring in Communication with a focus on public relations.

Pokens, the electronic business card that no one else has, making it utterly useless yet adorable...

Mar) When Kidneys Fail: A Brief Glossary: One of my current projects centers on the rebuilding of the continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) program at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, NE.

What the title says.

Apr) Flippin' Cool: I now have videos in my YouTube account.

So that's when I bought my Flip!

May) Can 10 Minutes Be "The New Black?": New England Journal of Medicine runs a column on “Becoming a Physician.” In the April 29, 2010 issue this piece by Susan Mackie, MD, explores “The Value of DNKs.”

DNK=did not keep appointment; I still feel we have unrealistic patient scheduling.

Jun) Serving with Pride: Once again I write my update from the Omaha Airport.

Off to a VA Study Section.

Jul) Random Thoughts On The World Walt Built: The Lane family vacation ended yesterday, with relatively uneventful flights back to Omaha.

The mortal threat posed by aggressive parents with strollers.

Aug) Moving On: So the first fork in the road is past; my new blog is WhizBang over on the all-new Scientopia Network.


Sep) Students Forever: Must We Swear It?: With this post I begin a series on continuing medical education (CME).

Do professional oaths imply a commitment to ongoing professional development?

Oct) Calling All Kidneys: Donors Choose Update:  So far my Donors Choose campaign has attracted one anonymous donor.

And this posting did not bring out the forces. Must think of a better approach for next year's campaign...

Nov) Go West, Young Nephrologist: Once again I put pixel to screen in my local airport.

Off to the kidney meetings.

Dec) Embryology and Bird Droppings: Last week I posted my usual Thanksgiving message to be glad you can pee.

The answer to that long-asked question, "Can turkeys pee?"

There you have it; my rambling thoughts on whatever had my attention at the start of each month in 2010. Look forward to more of the same in 2011.

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