Season's Greetings

Dec 23 2010 Published by under [Etc]

Even my iFish has the holiday spirit!

The next couple of days will be CRAZY!!!!!!

First, I see patients for the next 3 hours.

Then I'm off to Whole Foods for the Christmas Day meal fixings. Bulk Italian sausage, fresh onion and pepper, roasted plum tomatoes... In a quest to find something "festive" that little kids would eat, I settled on pasta with red sauce and a large green salad. Throw in some wine, and some cookies for dessert, and you have a meal that pleases everyone. The sauce comes out different every year, depending on what looks good in the produce section.

After that, my daughter and I pop Dogma in the DVD player. It's not a traditional Christmas movie, but somewhere along the way it became our cookie baking accompaniment.

Tomorrow I have to do laundry. That or celebrate the holidays commando. No, I will do a couple of loads. Then in the evening we will go to my parents' home for food and festivities, including a mandatory screening of A Christmas Story. My son got me a leg lamp a couple of years ago, and we display it proudly in the front window every December.

After church with excellent music, we shoo the little ones (now 23 and 18) off to bed so Santa can deliver their loot. We then retire ourselves. My parents spend the night, even though their own home lies only 3 miles away, so they can be there when the grandchildren crawl out of bed.

Christmas morning we all enjoy the blessings provided by decent jobs and our over-commercialized society, plus some cinnamon rolls and mimosas. Once the giftwrap gets cleared out of the way, I begin my special sauce.

As you can see, there won't be a lot of room for the blog in that schedule.Thus, this is my holiday send-off.

Have a great time, however you celebrate your days off of work, and try not to kill any family members, no matter how annoying they get.

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