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Dec 28 2010 Published by under What I'm Reading

Artist's Rendition of Pascale Blogging Books (from PhotoXpress image)

Scicurious blogged her readings for the year today. What a wonderful idea! I have not tracked all of this year's readings, but tracking down the ones I managed to blog proved easy enough.

January 2010: Don't Be Such a Scientist:  Good advice for those of us wanting to broaden the audience for science. Randy Olson, a film maker, muses on the importance of story.

February 2010: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks:  Like everyone else in the universe, I loved this book. If I gave out an award this book would get it, although it would just be one more trophy to dust.

May 2010: Denialism:  I read the book jacket at Experimental Biology and downloaded this volume on examples of belief trumping rational thought. More examples but solutions to the problem are still needed.

August 2010: The Gaslight Series: Murder mysteries solved by an improbable pairing in turn-of-the-century New York. I have now read all twelve books.

October 2010: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Another series of books I could not put down to blog!

October 2010: MASSIVE: A book I was sent for review. Something I never would have selected on my own (subatomic particle physics), but I ended up enjoying the story.

I did not manage to blog every book I read. Some of them I am reserving for posts dealing with meetings in the near future.

My husband, per tradition, gave me 25 or 30 books for Christmas. I will try to blog as many as I can through the year.

Now quit reading blogs and pick up a book!


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