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Dec 29 2010 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

Today got a bit hectic, and I decided not to blog. Why put pressure on myself to be witty, humorous, or informative, when I feel none of the above?

Then I clicked on a CNN story, 10 New Year's Resolutions NOT to Make. Most of the advice was sensible, along the lines of failure avoidance. Then I hit this one:

4. Have a baby

Having a baby isn't something that everyone can easily do biologically, and putting pressure on yourself to achieve this goal may only make it that much more difficult. Make a resolution to plan for a baby, including taking steps that can help you get there (saving money, practicing natural family planning, getting acupuncture, etc.), but avoid being too goal-oriented so you don't feel like a failure if you aren't successful.

I agree that resolving to have a baby may lead to disappointment. I agree that saving money for a baby can be helpful; those little bundles of joy require big bundles of cash, especially if assisted reproduction becomes involved.

Could this replace IVF? Image via PhotoXpress.

Where did acupuncture come from? Yes, Google will lead to sites that promote it to treat infertility, alone or in conjunction with assisted reproduction techniques. Some studies have suggested there might be a positive effect of this ancient treatment with embryo transfer, although these studies were not controlled with sham acupuncture needles. When a matched, sham acupuncture group was included, no significant difference in pregnancy rate could be demonstrated. A nice summary of the studies can be found here.

If a woman can afford acupuncture along with in vitro fertilization or other needed treatments, fine, I have no objection. But the science does not support the use of this alternative therapy.

Please, CNN, don't encourage people to pursue acupuncture for infertility!

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