My Turn as the Vocal Minority

My iPad accompanies most places these days, if for no other reason than to provide reading material during downtime. I am especially impressed with the graphics and ease of use of magazines on this device.

Naturally, this article left me dismayed:

As Predicted: iPad Magazine Subscriber Numbers Plummeting

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I am a bit frustrated with the periodicals in Zinio, mostly because I haven't found anyway to bookmark the magazines in that app. I rarely read an entire magazine in one sitting, so this is a bit annoying, but hardly a deal-breaker. I love being able to archive back issues without the need to store large piles of dead trees, especially with something like Harvard Business Review.

I just assumed I was not the only one.

Sure, some of the other magazine-apps provide interactive tools and links to more information; it would be great if every periodical made this jump.

And if I'm looking for something to read in the whirlpool, well, I think I will stick with dead trees for their lower disaster potential if dropped.

So, loyal readers, what do you think? Do you like reading magazines online, or are you siding with the majority here?

By the way, if anyone knows how to "hold your place" in Zinio, please let me know in the comments.

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  • Bashir says:

    Is none of the above an option? I don't think I read anything on a regular basis that qualifies as a magazine. The last thing I paid to subscribe to was the Chronicle of Higher Education (digital only). I suppose that counts.

  • Bruce Klutchko says:

    I love the idea of being able to read magazines on an iPad. But there are a few things that make it not so great. One is that it is usually more expensive than reading the paper version, and it is far more expensive than reading it in a browser. Second, the apps seem to be very unlike what we expect from apps. Not very interactive, sometimes can't copy and paste a few words, so it makes me wonder how these apps were written. They just don't seem to work like most regular apps. Finally, the one advantage the paper version always has is that losing it or dropping it into a puddle of slush on a snow covered street is not a very big loss. Losing an iPad is a disaster.

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