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The last couple of years have seen some friends diagnosed with cancer. Through these strong women I became aware of patient blogging. It seems that most cancer centers have online diaries for their patients, so they can share updates, thoughts, and feelings with a wide circle of family and friends.

When I saw patient blogging on the Science Online wiki, I knew I had to help out and learn more. If patient blogging is helpful, maybe I need to incorporate this activity into my practice! Who besides cancer patients blog? What else is going online?

Dave deBronkart, aka e-Patient Dave

Some bloggers show an activist flare and actually change treatment and attitudes toward their disorders. Nancy Shute lined up Dave deBronkart, aka e-patient Dave, who testified before Congress and is a huge force in patient empowerment online.  After a diagnosis of advanced-stage kidney cancer, he got the care that saved his life by blogging and interacting with other patients over the internet.

Some bloggers write to endure their treatment. David S, a resident of Raleigh-Durham, will join us to discuss his blog. His often posts from his dialysis treatments (I'm a nephrologist; I had to get my organ in there), and he needs a kidney transplant.

David S, aka Toastie

This should be a great session to show us how interested laypeople (non-scientists, non-doctors, non-journalists) use blogs in health. Join us at 2pm on Saturday, January 15, in Room E.


Note: This blog will be on hiatus for the coming weekend. We are moving my daughter to a new city for her first real job!

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