Changing Places

Jan 21 2011 Published by under [Etc]

Last summer I left my independent site and joined the crew forming Scientopia. I blogged. About the fork in the road (and even found the artwork for it), but another move was in the works.

My husband had received a wonderful offer from another institution. I had become "the trailing spouse" or the second body in the two-body problem.

After some uncertainty and negotiation, we accepted positions at The Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. Yup, we are moving to Oklahoma City!

The timing was almost perfect. We just moved our daughter to Kansas City, and our son graduates from high school this summer. The only thing certain about his college choice is that it will not be near us. The problem? They want my spouse there yesterday.

So this weekend we will locate his apartment in OKC. He will start his new job, while I hang out in Omaha, providing adult supervision for our son and selling a house.

More on the new job later. I have to get ready to fly again!

Train tracks courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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