Red Memories

Feb 09 2011 Published by under Beauty

My morning routine often includes 10 minutes devoted to drying my hair, even with my new above-the-shoulders locks. Rather than stare in the mirror, I use this time to skim fashion magazines.

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Today I hit an article in Allure about bright red and magenta colors for spring makeup. Not just lipstick and blush, but even eye shadow in these hues.

I recall a day when my 13-year-old self strolled the cosmetic aisles in a store with my mom. My mother believed in pressed face powder and red lipstick; no other makeup would touch her face. I'm sure she hoped my fascination with eyeshadow would just go away. So Valentine's Day appears on the following week's calendar, and like many girls of that age, I believe that this holiday will somehow turn a young man's thoughts to love or at least a brief period of intense unfulfilled lust. To make this happen, girls of my age in that era carefully planned an outfit designed to inspire a romantic instinct for the day. I hoped a tee shirt with multicolored satin hearts sewn across the front would inspire certain young men to initiate mating displays.

Now, please remember this occurred in 1974. Matching eyeshadow to your outfit, a fashion-don't today, was a hot trend at the time. As we walk through the store, I tell my mom that my outfit requires red eye shadow.

Mom: "I can give you red eye makeup."

Me: "OK. Thanks!"

She then slaps me across the cheek. As my eyes tear up, I realize that she has, indeed, made them red. We both crack-up about the time a salesperson asks if they can help us.

"No, I don't believe we can be helped."

At the time there were  no safe red eyeshadows, so I went with a mauve.

Today I could paint my lids the color of ripe tomatoes. But why would I?

Anyway, I would like to thank the folks at Allure for triggering a memory and a good laugh this morning. I wish every day began this way!

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