Setting Records

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Last night we helped set a record - for attendance at a hockey game in Nebraska.
15,137 of us watched the UNO Mavericks beat the Wisconsin Badgers 4 to 1.

College hockey is a fast fun game. Passing and speed rule the game. While players check hard, the outright fighting of the pro game is not tolerated.

One class of spectator from the pro game is absent from the college sport: the hockey bimbo. These women would wear a home team jersey over tights with stilettos or over-the-knee boots. Hair styles tended toward big and blonde. They always sat right behind the glass, and they frequently got chosen to shoot the puck in the between-period contests. They never drank beer.

Last night we rocked the Qwest center. Tonight we are off to the movies. Hope your weekend also comes with fun!

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