Not Again!

Feb 28 2011 Published by under Life of a Physician

This morning a local newcast reviewed another survey on inappropriate cell phone use. Once again, respondents took to task those of us who make calls from public bathrooms.

Seriously, it offends you if I make a call in the restroom?

As a physician on call, I frequently must use my phone in public places. They encourage us to answer as soon as we can, but call-backs within 15 minutes are generally acceptable. Now, if I am strolling through the grocery store, I can whip out the BlackBerry anywhere. It doesn't bother me at all to discuss your child's diarrhea in the meat aisle, but I cannot speak for those around me.

Famous stall in the Minneapolis Airport (click for source)

Frequently, the only reasonably private place in a public venue is the bathroom. Yes, a few women may be in there, but far fewer than are out and about in a store or a theater. When we had season hockey tickets for the UNO Mavericks, the only place I could hear a phone conversation was in the stall farthest from the door in the Qwest Center. Yes, I took calls in the toilet stall because I'm a dedicated physician who loves hockey.

If any of my readers have better ideas, let me know. Waiting to get to my car is not always practical or possible, and I felt the restroom was the best alternative.  Until they invent the portable cone of silence, I'm sticking with the Lady's Room.

Medical conversations cannot be the worst thing to happen in most public potty areas (click the photo if you don't believe me).

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