Vesicoureteral Reflux: What We Don't Know

Mar 01 2011 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

I received inspiration today for a post on the management of a common pediatric nephrology problem, vesicoureteral reflux (VUR for short).

I reviewed a meta-analysis over at my other blog since this is a serious medical topic fitting for my serious medical site.

For 50 years (my entire life) treatment has been recommended for this condition based on opinion and bad science. Now, we are finally sorting out what we should do based on evidence rather than what we thing we should do.

I can't believe it took this long!

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  • Louise says:

    Hi, I am a layperson and just happened upon your post about VCU. My youngest daughter now 24 had bladder surgery to reposition the entry of both ureters into her bladder (sorry I do not remember the correct medical description of the surgery) when she was nine years old because of the VCU problem and infections since the age of 18 months. She took antibiotics for years and if it was stopped she almost immediately would get another infection and would be very sick with a very high fever. Since the surgery at Children’s Hospital in Denver she has been symptom free. I understand that now the surgery is done laparoscopically but her surgery was in the mid 90s before that was available.
    Reading about the kidney scarring got me a bit worried about whether there could be future health concerns for her. I honestly did not know that. She has not been retested for scarring of her kidneys since the surgery. Our hometown pediatrician never mentioned it. Should she be tested now as an adult? What tests are used? I’ll follow up to be sure at least that she has reported her complete medical/surgical history to her gynecologist. I know that this website is not set up to give specific medical advice but if you could respond in general about how VCU patients are monitored into adulthood I would be most grateful. I appreciate this post as I hadn’t thought about VCU in years.

  • Louise says:

    Good to know. Moms are worriers. Thanks.

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