America's New Game: Charlie Sheen Edition

Mar 03 2011 Published by under Wackaloonacy

Charlie Sheen has been everywhere lately. Did I really want to reward his bad behavior with more attention? Sure, but what could I say?

Muse on his potential psychiatric diagnosis? Done to death, and a waste of time, really.

Take him to task for misogynist behavior? Yeah, like he reads my blog.

No, I have taken the high road and created this image using source material from here:

What will Charlie say next?

Now you can make Charlie say wacky, offensive things! Just leave your suggested rant in the comments. If enough of you do, we can have a contest and let you all vote on it!

And who knows, almost anything you write may actually come out of Charlie's mouth someday since his choice of words seems completely random, although skewed toward the offensive.

Tap into your Tiger Blood and write!

3 responses so far

  • You got fire-breathing tiger blood in my Adonis DNA.

  • becca says:

    I think my sheer awesomeness does that to people sometimes- flips their minds around. I mean really, what's wrong with being up to your elbows in crack and porn stars? I'm just living the dream, man. Just living the alien from mars crazy ass dream...

  • brooksPhD says:

    Jews!? Pronstars! I'm a god, a star, a true American hero!!. I love my dad. Where's my crackpipe! I'm Charlie fukken Sheen and ain't nothing stopping me....

    ...gnnn....what's that pain in my arm....uh...I can't breathe....


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