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Mar 08 2011 Published by under [Etc]

Today provides so many blogging opps. We have mardis gras, a festival inspired by religious obligations but devoted to consumption and public nudity. We also celebrate International Women's Day, something I favor. Of course, it's only two days until World Kidney Day (do you have your shopping done?).

So I will use today's post to tell you about a great new web site I found last night.

Click for source - you could buy this poster!

Fiverr is the place for people to share things they are willing to do for $5. In my case, I needed some graphic design. Artsy sorts of things dominate the site in my brief experience; want an anime avatar? For a mere $5, you, too, can resemble Speed Racer.

I joined up and searched "logos." Most of the artists had samples on their profiles. I picked Nikisha1333 whose samples looked great, and who would provide 6 different takes on your project, providing files in jpg, psd, and AI vector format. After ponying up my fiver (the site takes Paypal and major credit cards), I provided some background about what I wanted, and Nikisha1333 promised my files within 3 days.

They were ready this morning! All look professional and capture the feeling I wanted. One really jumps at me, but I plan to mull them over for a few days.

All that work so fast for $5? Even if I had not liked it, I just would have gone back to fiverr and had another artist take a try.

This is for a new project that will launch in the next 4 to 6 weeks (don't worry, WhizBANG! readers will hear all about it). But in the meantime I just had to tell everyone about fivver.

Happy International Women's Day!

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  • There are a lot of graphic artists on Fiverr. Looks like you found a good 'un. We love Fiverr to pieces, but sometimes there are so many gigs it's hard to find what you're looking for. Or you can't tell if you should risk a certain seller. It's only $5 but you don't want to waste it.

    I look forward to hearing about your new project.

  • Alex Bain says:

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    Hey a buck is a buck, right !


  • Aces says:

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    It's totally great for people who are currently out of job or finding they need to make more money to make ends meet. The website was launched just very recently. Though they are new, their website is the most promising of all. They are providing instant listing for now. So grab this chance and quickly put in as many gigs as you want before they start to moderate gigs. Check them out!

  • Arun says:

    Fiverr is a nice website. I just came a cross a nice alternative that is similar to fiverr, worth the try

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