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In 1900, over 7,000 women physicians practiced in the US.

Women such as Dr. Quinn brought compassion and natural healing natures to the practice of healing, making them natural providers in a field having little appeal to men at the time. Changing attitudes and the standardization of scientific medical practice brought men into the profession, leaving women behind.

Today, I have posted my Dipity timeline for women in medicine in the US over at AWEnow.

I need help!

I own a really good history of women physicians from 1850-1920.  Other data on the rise of women medical doctors from the 1970's on were easily located, at least for the most general information. I am sure there are events I have missed, though.

And there is a huge gap between 1920 and 1970.

So I am appealing to the hive mind to make this timeline complete!

I know a number of you are not physicians but scientists. No timelines have been started on women in science, either.

So click on over to AWEnow and explore the timeline. Let me know of other events that should be added. And if you start your own timeline, let me know. I am glad to give it a shout out!

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