My Week: One Hot Mess Without the Hot Part

Apr 06 2011 Published by under Travel, Wackaloonacy

The Scientific NetworkSo far this week I have seen patients and answered calls every night.

I met new workmen in my bathrobe.

Artist's Rendition of My Week (Click for original image at PhotoXpress)

I came home to find my kitchen table in the great room.

I have scrubbed walls.

I still must pack for an extended trip to Experimental Biology and then to house hunt in Oklahoma City.

Oh, and I hand over my patient responsibilities about the time I board my plane on Friday.

In short, I am tired. If you see me dozing in the back of a session at EB, please don't wake me. I need the rest.

In the meantime, please forgive me a video post. A friend sent me this parody of The Social Network trailer this morning, and I had to share:

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