Things Learned at EB (So Far)

Apr 11 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The "church bells" alarm on my iPad provided hilarious confusion in my room Sunday when actual church bells woke me up half an hour early.

The inadvisability of wearing a backpack over a suit jacket has once again been reaffirmed.

Smoky eyes can be worn at a professional meeting; however, looking like you have two black eyes is always a "don't." if folks start asking if you are safe, you overdid it.

Watching your student rock a talk induces a similar pride to watching your own child onstage.

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  • K says:

    I got a fuckton of pens.

  • WhizBANG! says:

    That happens. I got a full size bar of dark chocolate. Successful meeting!

    I also won a @phyziochick tshirt.

  • K says:

    Did you see the dead peeing rats?!

  • K says:

    Oh man oh man oh man so there was this student from the University of Bristol who apparently removed the brains from some rats, leaving the brain stem, and then figured out how to manipulate their peeing. Let me see if I can find the poster name:

    "Neural control of bladder in the decerebrate, arterially-perfused whole rat preparation." P. Sadananda, M. Drake, J. F. R. Paton and T. Pickering. Univ. of Bristol and Bristol. Urol. Inst.

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