Just When You Thought It Was Safe

May 02 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

to turn on the media again, the US goes and bags Osama bin Laden, unleashing a frenzy of reporting about the raid and the celebrations.

Of course, they have not yet answered what we really want to know: did the d00d actually have kidney failure?

Personally, I never believed this rumor. With facilities in the US, we have trouble keeping older adult patients alive on dialysis for more than a few years. This guy survives almost a decade living in a cave? No, but living in a million-dollar compound? Perhaps...

Anyway, I hope someone looked at his kidneys, or at least surveyed the estate for dialysis equipment. Inquiring nephrologists want to know.

On a lighter note, Isis declared a blog intermission last week. To keep her readers from going into withdrawl, and to fulfill my own needs, I present a shoe:

Earthies Veria: $129 at Zappos (Click for link)

Naturally elegant and gorgeously designed, every shoe in the Earthies® collection has been created with a discerning sense of style and ease of movement for exceptional comfort. Every style is about wellness … elevated. From heels to wedges, Earthies delivers high style for dress casual wearing occasions without any compromise in comfort. Cupped heels, graduated arch support, and cradled footbeds are all part of the healthy promise.

The shoes in this line feature rather substantial heels or wedges and look incredibly wearable. I am seeking a local source so I can try them on before I buy. I hate to buy shoes online before I know which size I need, and I hate to ship shoes back-and-forth. I may try on my usual sizes and decide that neither one really fits.

Anyway, enjoy the red sandals. Now I have to finish a poster for The First International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions.

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  • brooksphd says:

    Oh no! I wish I'd have known about that conference! I'm being headhunted to become our Director of Faculty Development and this would have been a good conference to attend...

    ho uhm. if I take the job there'a always next year I guess 🙂

  • Dr Becca says:

    I love. Those shoes.

    • WhizBANG! says:

      I just can't quite justify them in red. I have a totally cute, comfortable pair of red wedges already. Perhaps Newport Blue; I believe that, black, and brown were also available.

  • Dr. O says:

    Those shoes are EXcellent! (And have just a wide enough heal to keep me from breaking my neck 😉

  • jc says:

    Hah! When I heard the nooz d00dz talking about the kidneys, I thought of you! They said he only has 1 kidney at one point, another talked about dialysis. In the video of the bedroom, there is a shelf of drugs/pill bottles and a small scale on the floor.

    Those shoes are hot!

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