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Graduation season snuck up on me. In less than a month, my "baby" will complete high school and start packing for university.

Time flies, as they say.

Now, when I graduated from high school, things were lower-key. No one had huge open-house parties, like they currently favor in Omaha. Our announcements were quite basic: "The class of 1979 requests your presence at commencement exercises, blah blah blah, etc."

My son's seem typical of current trends:

Foil scans weird

The upper diagonal flap opens to a line drawing of a Mustang, the school mascot. It exposes the Class Motto on the lower flap, which in turn opens to reveal pertinent information about the ceremony.

My class did not have a motto. Not even a tag line. The motto has come into fashion, and it seems no graduation announcement would be complete without it. Most feature pithy quotes from great and/or inspirational literature. My son's class went in a different direction:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while you could miss it."  Ferris Bueller

Yup, they chose a line from a flick about skipping school to characterize their class FOREVER.

Don't get me wrong; it probably fits them better than those erudite quotes from the classics. It did make me pause when I read the announcement.

Did your class have a motto? Do you remember what it was? Better yet, what should have been your class motto? Don't limit it to high school - any level of education should have one, IMHO.


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  • Rev Matt says:

    Graduating Jr. High way back in the mid 1980's, my history teacher opined that our motto should be the three things he heard most often in response when he asked a question. "Huh? I don't know. What page?"

  • Bashir says:

    Our yearbook did have a theme each year. It was selected by the yearbook committee, and was generally ignored by the rest of the class. Think of something lame like "new beginnings" or "touchstones".

    What about yearbook quotes? Those are often interesting. If I recall correctly mine were all from the three S's. Seinfeld, Simpsons, Starwars.

    • WhizBANG says:

      I edited our yearbook, so the theme was thoughtful and insightful. It did not stop everyone from writing crap like, "Stay as sweet as you are, and I know you'll go far."
      Like sweetness has had anything to do with my life...

  • I think if my high school class had a motto, it would have been "You goin' t' Cross Keys tonight?"

  • Dr. O says:

    I'm digging the theme.

    I don't remember our class having a theme. We had one for prom, but it was something cheesy from a Richard Marx song. Maybe that's the same thing, though. If so, I would have much preferred the Ferris Bueller route.

    • WhizBANG says:

      Our prom theme junior year (the juniors picked the theme, decor, etc and gave prom for themselves and the seniors) was "Memories...Pieces of Time." We came up with that to go with the band, Pieces, that played the event.

      Our fake prom theme (the one we told the seniors to try and throw them off of the real one) was Black Sabbath Prom. Ah, good times...

  • FrauTech says:

    Don't remember if we had a theme. Announcements for a high school graduation seem pretty crazy to me though. Wasn't even considered. Even for college my parents thought they reeked too much of the "please send me money" vibe so I certainly never advertised via mail to anyone that I was graduating anything.

    Thanks for posting the quote though b/c some guy I work with has that as his ringtone and I didn't know what it was from and I guess I didn't care to look it up. When you hear it about 15 times a day your eyes start to glaze over.

    • WhizBANG! says:

      Yeah, for those reasons we did not send them out 5 years ago for our daughter. Relatives got really pissed, so we are sending them out to family this time.

  • rknop says:

    At my high school graduation (a hoity-toity private school from which everybody went to college, no less), we chose the song "Wonderful World" for the recessional. That's the one that starts out, "Don't know much about history, don't know much about biology", etc. Fits with the source of the quote for your son's graduation.

  • Chris says:

    We had a theme (a ridiculous play on words that didn't add much to anything expect maybe sexism) and we also had a "theme tune" each that would play as we walked up the stage to get our certificates. I chose "Alive" by Meat Loaf - loud, tells everyone what exactly I think of them and defies the bullying I encountered in high school ("I'm still alive, musta been a miracle...")
    Looking back, I don't think anyone listened to these songs, partly because our parents were clapping too loudly...

  • DrugMonkey says:

    I am now starting every lab meeting to the inspirational strains of "America, Fuck Yeah!!"

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