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Every week on the NPR Program Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me they invite an accomplished, well-known expert to answer questions completely unrelated to their field, often with hilarious results.

In medicine, we train physicians for a decade or more. If they go into academia, we then tell them that, in addition to the clinical expertise they have acquired, we expect them to perform educational and administrative tasks for which they have no training. Some faculty receive no training in research activities either, yet scholarly contributions are also among their job expectations in the ivory tower. Hilarity rarely results from this activity...

Academic health centers respond to these issues by providing faculty development activities. These may be from outside entities, or provided by the center itself. A number of us interested in these processes and research in this area have gathered in Toronto. The First International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions includes 330 people from 28 countries spread across every continent except Antarctica. As far as I know, the south pole boasts no health sciences school.

For the second time this year, I feel like I am visiting the Mother Ship. In January, I gathered with a crowd who loves to write at Scio11. Here, I have found a load of others who want to know how to make our faculty more effective at all of their roles.

I will blog more specifics over the coming days, but I had at least a brief period of internet access (my data plan is roaming in Canada at $2.05 per mb, so free wi-fi is of importance). In the meantime, please head over to AWEnow where I have posts on women in leadership positions in US and Puerto Rico's medical colleges.

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  • brooksPhD says:

    I am SO Jealous! I really really wanted to go to this conference! But I guess if I'm staying n the research side of the gig there's no much point :/

    have fun. Looking forward to hearing about it and getting some new ideas!

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