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May 13 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The US Customs service, in it's infinite wisdom, has allowed me to return to the US. I now await the aircraft that will perform this awesome honor. At least the Toronto airport has free wi-fi. Unfortunately, outlets for recharging are less readily available.

Educational research is different, but ultimately the same as my bench endeavors. Different methods are required, and multiple types of studies must often be used to deliver a rich data-set, since large prospective randomized trials just don't happen. Ultimately though, the quality of the question matters most. Unless we ask the right questions, the field will not advance just as is true in the laboratory.

Frankly, WhizBangers, my brain filled up yesterday. I stuffed more info in this morning, but the bottom line is that I am pooped! I take over call for our clinical service when I deplane at midnight, so don't expect great written endeavors at any of my sites for a couple of days.

Now to relax with a mystery (what else) and head west.

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