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May 16 2011 Published by under [Education&Careers]

A few weeks ago, I started presenting data on women in leadership in academic medicine over at Academic Women for Equality Now (AWEnow). The first post looked at the rise in women MDs and the much slower increase in women faculty. Subsequent posts include:

Monday, May 16, scores for departmental leadership - chairs, sub-chairs, and section/division chiefs - will be tallied. Later in the week, data for full professors will be presented. Finally, overall "Female Friendliness" scores will be posted.

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Then the real fun begins. Each college of medicine will receive a report card, showing their self-reported data in an easy-to-read form. If I were a young woman today, I would consider lack of female leadership a problem for a medical school. As essentially half of all medical students are women, medical colleges should pay attention to role models for these students.

So stay tuned here at WhizBANG and there. It may be a bumpy ride,  but it will not be boring.

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