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May 20 2011 Published by under Wackaloonacy

This week was crazy. In addition to my patients in the hospital, my son's baseball team played in the state tournament. When any game could be his last in that high school uniform, well, I went to as many as I could. As regular readers know, I have stuff going on over at AWEnow, another site I work. I started packing items in my offices at work, arranged flights for our house closing in Oklahoma City, and worked some more toward my new medical license.

Lots of shit is going on! And this house is still on the market!

Today I saw yet another d00d standing on a busy corner proclaiming Saturday's rapture. Really?

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So I took a little trip via Google to a judgement day website. These biblically-inclined folks have two major preoccupations:

  • The scriptures let us know in indirect, code-like ways that the rapture will occur this Saturday, with subsequent destruction of the world (or the universe, I'm a bit unclear on this point) in October
  • Even though bible passages say we cannot know the date of the rapture, other passages say we can; we should ignore the former and believe the latter

I think some of these people reviewed my last grant.

My plans for Saturday evening include dinner with a good friend, well after the time that god will call the faithful home. It is highly unlikely that either of us will be swept up in the rapture, so we figured good food (and martinis) would be in order either way.

What if the rapture does occur? Well, I'm going to worry a lot less about selling this house.

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  • Kaija says:

    My somewhat crotchety but endearing late grandfather used to say, when confronted with door knockers lecturing about the rapture, that he wished the damn thing would come already and take all these a$$holes away 🙂 I still think of that every time I hear an end-of-the-world story 🙂

    • WhizBANG! says:

      Someone tweeted yesterday that some with rapture-anticipation were euthanizing their pets. I would much rather they sign up with the atheist who offered post-rapture pet care services for a nominal up-front fee...

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