My Own Farewell

May 25 2011 Published by under [LifeTrajectories]

I sit in my office in a state of some disarray. As I wrote earlier, I am converting my paper files to PDFs, so folders are out. A couple of tubs have been filled, and others await their cargo. Paperwork for my new medical license teeters on top of my to-do stack, awaiting completion.

My radio plays NPR (as always), and callers discuss Oprah's final show. Later today, she will hang up her microphone and move into the next phase of her life.

Today I will treat my lab to lunch. Friday will be the final day that my technicians will be in my employment.

A new job in a new city with a new focus will be exciting, but to get there I must part with people here. I know I want to move into the next phase of my life, but I still feel sad about what must be left behind. Each stage builds us for the next; without the last 13 years in Nebraska, I would not be ready for the next period in Oklahoma.

Before we hit the restaurant, I will leave you with the same song that Oprah has chosen for her final episode (and that featured in the last episode of Glee this season):

"Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."

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