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May 26 2011 Published by under Women in Medicine

Women now earn more higher degrees than men, and make up virtually half of graduating MDs in the US. My own specialty, pediatrics, has been dominated by XXs for several years.

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So why does medical school leadership still look so XY? Even in pediatrics, faculty appear male-dominated. Faculty leadership still consists of an old boys' club.

As my project for Vision 2020, I developed Academic Women for Equality Now (AWEnow!), a website dedicated to exploring gender issues in academia. At the moment, I am AWEnow! (a situation I hope to correct now by finding some like-minded women in other fields), so the posts focus on academic medicine.

This week saw the start of a series of posts with report cards for each college granting MDs in the US and its territories. The first dealt with incompletes, five schools that reported no full professors in the AAMC benchmarking report for 2009-2010. Yesterday, the top ten got their day on the web. This morning, the bottom ten went up.

Over the coming weeks, every reporting institution will have its data shown against the national averages. The information used to calculate scores was self-reported by institutions to the AAMC in 2009 and used to generate Women in Academic Medicine: Statistics and Benchmarking Report 2009-2010 . These data have been available to faculty at AAMC member colleges for years, but information for each individual medical school was limited to tables. I have taken these data and put them into a single document to show more clearly where each school stands. Schools can use these to improve themselves and the data they submit. Potential students (and faculty members) can see where women stand at each school of medicine.

So click over there already. I know you're dying to see the bottom ten (and feel smug about your superiority to Harvard on at least one measure of institutional achievement).

If you are interested in working on expanding AWEnow! to other fields (science and engineering come to mind) you can make contact via the form at the AWEnow! site or even email me at pascalelane at gmail dot com.

Because sexism and inequality at any level are just wrong.

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