More Thoughts on Change: Last One, I Promise

Jun 30 2011 Published by under [LifeTrajectories]

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For the last time, I post from my office overlooking midtown Omaha. The last box is packed, and I will be leaving this fine academic institution once the few loose ends are tied up.

We came to this midwestern place over 13 years ago. At that time, our lives consisted of our jobs and the tasks and joys surrounding school-aged children.

We leave with an empty nest and the new opportunities that come with that freedom, as well as the challenges of our new career paths.

Of course, most of you reading this message know me at WhizBANG! I will remain at this (virtual) address, as well as my other haunts on the internet. I promise I will get back to my usual content - healthcare, urine, and fashion or lack thereof - after today. But this week has left me a bit melancholy and, frankly, freaked out. I finally feel the change coming.

For those of you who know me in the flesh and blood, I would like to say farewell with the most memorable good-bye performance I can think of:


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  • Sherri Petersen says:

    Safe travels and best of luck in the future. Thanks for all you did for the Nebraska Kidney Association, you were not only a wonderful resource and supporter, but a good friend. Thanks!

  • Alice Ra'anan says:

    Best wishes to you in Oklahoma! Congratulations on a big transition.

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