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Jul 16 2011 Published by under [Information&Communication]

I finally got an invitation to Google+ that worked (thanks, Namnezia), so I have been wasting time learning about this new world. Mashable had a nice round-up of advice for the site, and they pointed me to a new app called Fluid that allows you to turn web apps into Mac apps that can be pinned to the launch bar. The article walked me through creating my Google+ app that I can click and have running separate from my browser. I moved on to creating other apps, including one for a Gmail account that I did not want to direct to my combined inbox.

Google also has no provision for convenient URLs. Everyone is a number - a really, really long number. Not exactly what you want to include on a business card or count on people remembering. Enter, a shortener for Google+. You will have to find your identifier number (which was far more difficult than I thought it should be - I only see it on my profile page) and come up with a unique name for yourself. The site then generates your short G+ URL.  Mine is (duh).

I will have to put my computer away soon; my son has another baseball game tonight. In the meantime, I would love to hear what you think of G+. Do you think it will be a Facebook killer? Or will it be another Google social media failure?

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