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Aug 30 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Tonight my son chose our dinner. Tomorrow afternoon we begin the journey to his university dorm.

After teriyaki steak and grilled veggies including zucchini (his favorite), he asked his dad to go out and play catch.

It's all his father ever wanted. I cried while I loaded the dishwasher.

He's such a great kid.

Starting Thursday, we get to be a selfish couple again. Stay tuned.
I promise, I will blog about urine and science again. Soon.

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  • Jenny says:

    Yes, so sad to play catch when that's what Alex and I did all Saturday. Timmy knows dad loves it, that's why he did it. Don't you know Timmy knows the play, he knows what's going on and he is ready. So will you both please do something JUST involving you for once and don't forget the burbon Saturday?

    • WhizBANG! says:

      It was still sweet, daughter, even if it was planned to be so. GnG are bringing refreshments Saturday.

      And I felt like this when you left home. I just didn't have a blog then!

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