Product Review: Point Inside

Sep 11 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Last night my hubby broke his glasses. I determined the nearest LensCrafters was at Quail Springs, a mall I have not visited. When he asked me to get them repaired today while he made rounds, I agreed. My spouse, sending me to a shopping center? You can't pass up this sort of opportunity.

I also tried out Point Inside, an indoor GPS app, on my iPhone. Major shopping areas and airports are mapped, and the program shows where you are within the building. I then searched for the business and made my way there. During the hour my free repair required, I checked out the index of stores. And spent a few bucks.

Today the app saved me the time it takes to find a mall directory. This piece of freeware is essential for Mall of America. I can see its use in a strange airport, as well.

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