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Sep 28 2011 Published by under Donors Choose

Astute readers of this blog (and that's all of you Whizbangers) will note a new widget in my right-hand column. It's that festive time of year when we bloggers gussy up the place with flashy plugins and ask our readers to pony-up for DonorsChoose. Whizbangers have a chance to help fund science and math projects across the country. Oh, and did I mention that this is a competition? It's the annual Science Bloggers for Students Challenge, running from October 2-22. Science bloggers and their groupings (Scientopia) are begging inspiring our readers to give.

Remember elementary school? Crayons, construction paper, pencils...supplies were so simple. Today, the supplies have expanded at the same time school budgets are getting slashed. DonorsChoose allows you to pick a project that speaks to you or that involves a particular location. You can give any amount to the project, up to the entire budget. Your reward (as if helping Scientopia look better than those bloggers over at Wired weren't enough)? Thank-you notes from the students involved. Back in the days when I merely read and commented on blogs, I funded a project on nutrition. That pack of notes and drawings of the class tugged at my heartstrings.

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Click the widget! Here! Click! Now! (Click the arrow image for its source)

So what are you waiting for? The contest goes live Sunday, but you can donate now and then. Give early and often.

It's for the kids!

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